• २०८० चैत ३० शुक्रबार

A Little Self-Love

Nidhi Khetan

Nidhi Khetan

You were much more than what you thought of yourself
You were much more than your reflections in the mirror
You were so blinded by the image of perfection in your brain
That you missed the beauty in the imperfections of your own body
You kept telling me how much you hated your stretch marks and scars
And how you felt trapped in your own self, chained in bars
Things you loved about yourself were merely a few
You hated everything that made you – “YOU”
A ‘perfect magazine cover silhouette’ is what you dreamed;
A little perspective and you could have seen the stories that those scars screamed
A little self-love and there would be nothing else to care
A little self-love and you would see how amazing you were!!!

Nidhi Khetan, Itahari
[email protected]