• २०८१ श्रावाण १ मङ्गलबार


Anil Kumar Mishra

Anil Kumar Mishra

Under a big banyan tree
In the Nature’s lap
Just by the side of the village lake,
My imagination was growing young
going to the world of those days,
diving into the sweet memories
When the thoughts & feelings were
growing young,

Lake was at its puberty at that time
the banyan tree enjoying it’s pre young days
twittering birds, butterflies could be heard
praising the feelings of young hood
blooming flowers, seeking the attention of the beholders,
willing to devour the beauty in piece,
feelings are changed today
Sentiments want to save the fascination
Keep the heart fascinated
Not for the beauty only
rather it’s emotions & sentiments are felt
at this junction of life.

Anil Kumar Mishra, Ranchi, Jharkhand, Bharat
[email protected]