• २०८० मंसिर १८ सोमबार

What do I write

Subash Singh Parajuli

Subash Singh Parajuli

Do I write Supremo’s tedious acts to men
Do I write their misfortune of being devoted to him
Do I narrate tug of War in between of brothers for hoax democracy
Do I write a state’s melancholy who is being sandwiched by trespassers

What do I write
Do I write a tale of untold sliver lining clouds
Do I write few verses of a flower that springs from gutter
Do I write her lecherous beauty that sucks many eyes
Do I write a poem of hungry serpent slithering on the highway
Do I write a baby’s shattered dream who is basking by the tomb of his father that sent away from overseas

What do I write
Do I write a mystical journey of predators
Do I write celibacy life of Gurus with maiden
For all what the seeds that they do drop
Will wisely return as per karma’s future crop

So, what do I write
To those one whose game of thrones has seized by self
Or That what you are seeking from others that is your own graveyard
For all everything happens at its own pace
When you eventually cease for nothing you get perfect joy and peace!

Do I write to celebrate life while you have it that you found
Or still waits till it turns to be ripen fruit falls to the ground!?!

(Subash Singh Parajuli is famous English poet of Nepal)
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