• २०८० असोज १२ शुक्रबार

A new beautiful life was born

Sarita Aryal

Sarita Aryal

Impulsive in your love, up to such an extent,
even Spattering rain, cold dark morning , could not me , restraint,

The whole city was probably half awaken,
To meet you, i made my pace quicken,

On the way, passing several buildings! Viewing drizzle,
Soulful songs in ear, heart extremely musical,

I cared nothing, nothing could me , stop,
arrived at embellished beautiful garland shop,

picked a basket, and flowers,
In the heavy rain showers,

First, i just remained at you stared!
Then , filled you! in whole of my arms!
heart and finally soul,
if anyone was watching! i uncared!!

Aaah! such an immortal bliss it was,
Whole of my pains! tears , washed,

A new beautiful life was born,
it was The Day for the entire life! i earn!!

Sarita Aryal
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