• २०८१ असार २ शनिवार

Borderless Love

Dr. G G Chamal Sanjeewa

Dr. G G Chamal Sanjeewa

Crossing the boundaries
Sits In front of me,
Loosing you own flowers
Closing me more and more…

Flying like an arrow
Through and through
You and me
Climbing all ups and downs
You and me closing more….

Through and throughbreak the rock
Blooming roses coming through
Spring would come and bless
No one can stop love….

Dreaming and pouring water
Building it day by day
Melting snow -cover the frame
Keeping it for and for….

Twinkling star in this dark
Whispering each about us
Why you shy on my hand
Closing eyes – hug me more…

Shying eyes talking me
Reading heart -bunch of love
Wording wording -flow of ocean
Saving sailing towards me…

Front of me-full of shy
Talking lips- Feel you hot
God will forgive -Never mind
Keep your head- Sleep till die…

Shed of tears-No more need
Sun and moon light us road
How can stop burning heart
Full of love-Deep in souls…

Sea shore waves-no one near
Darken night-candling light
No more wait-why we late
Closing window-Burning heat…..

Dr. G G Chamal Sanjeewa, Sri Lanka
[email protected]