• २०८१ असार २ शनिवार

Two English Poem Dedicated to School Age Children

Durga Dhakal

Durga Dhakal

1. Think about

Think about new methods, new things, and new generations
Think about places far away from here and do much preparation
Think about poverty, crime, war and how people are surviving there
Think about how to save animals, forests, climate, and our beautiful earth

Think about the little children who are in hunger and thirst
Think about how they can survive and try to help them first
Think about others’sorrow and try to share their pain
Think about the well being of all human and living beings, not only yours and mine

Think about science, technology and introduce new innovations
Think about mind, body, love, peace, and about your emotions
Think about girls, boys, men, women and about everyone’s equality
Think about a little further, miles away, not only directly in front, and that shows your maturity

Think about the present and future not only about the past
Think about days, months, years ahead because time is moving fast
Think about those countries who are below the poverty line
Think about those children’s pain who never have the chance to go to school and have no education
And at this moment think about you, your friends, your family, and about your school
And think about your future, your aim and always be calm and cool

2. You are a future shining star

You are a future shining star
Your destination is still far
Reading, writing, and playing are your goals
And you have many other important roles

Doctor, engineer, and writer
Teacher, Youtuber and firefighter
All these are your dream jobs
Everyone deserves care and love

Playing with each other among friends
Caring and sharing is your aim
You laugh when your friends are happy
If anything, wrong happens, say sorry

Jumping and bumping on the ground
Catch your friend’s hands to make a round
Try to walk together a little way far
And you are always a rising star

You are not staying only in same year
You have many things to do more
Please do read, read, and write
Please be aware, never fight
Coz your destination is still far
But you are a future shining star

Durga Dhakal, London
[email protected]