• २०८१ असार १२ मङ्गलबार

Mother of Rebels

Rupsingh Bhandari

Rupsingh Bhandari

Standing on the graveyard
She assured herself
Knotting another unnamed tsunami inside
Silently in front of her heap of unanswered

After losing all her sons
Every year she visits there…
Returns with agonies, breaking herself there
Gradually she turns into stone- soullessly

Today, she just arrived
Revisiting her sons
Reporting all the current necked deviations
Of the their great revolution… for which
They sacrificed.

She is unanswered
Tears’ Mountain,
She is the mother of rebels…evolves silently
Carrying another revolution in her womb
Bracketing her life.

Rupsingh Bhandari, Nepal
[email protected]