• २०८१ असार २ शनिवार

The Melting Sea…

Bagawath Bhandari

Bagawath Bhandari

I praise thy glamour,
In the profundity of the shore,
You keep dancing on every energetic tide,
Cleansing the grime of hatred in every fight.

Thy soothing flow sings a blaming croon,
Romancing at night with Ms. Moon,
She melts and mirages her own soul,
In the depth of thy love sparkling akin to gold.

The cold zephyr whirls from thy flowing heart,
Caressing the nudity of autumnally earth,
I keep watching you flow down the vale,
And write a verse devoid of fail.

You mirror my thoughts in thy flowing state,
And in thy sensuality I bathe,
I bathe for eternity in thy loving shower,
Scenting my heart with budding flowers.

I adore you for not getting withered or tired,
Dancing down the valleys with love shared,
You keep drumming from dawn to the dusk,
With no expectations and nothing to ask.

Dear sea, you’re loved and be loved for eons,
Amid the rhythm of songs you sing,
Keep playing the music of love for all,
Through the nakedness of the early fall.

Bagawath Bhandari, Bhutan
[email protected]