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Two English poems of Feynman Poly

Feynman Poly

Feynman Poly

1. A powder which is pressed and uranium hydroxides.

Imaginations and letters

The staffs and scribes to say the iniquities of the sick ,
And the vain ravenous redeemed.

Their forgotten loosed lamed,
The servants to her only woods,
As she is afraid to devour the banned,
Don’t quench the alter of pledge,
As a covered alterly sackcloth

They knew about the remnants of the hills,
The stammered slaughtered in the casts,
The corpse on the abode of words,
As the glory lamed beholds,
To marrow the name of the feast,
As a small ancient crowning contemplating to cast her Melody.

Above the serpent she had wine,
Like an arm on the face of a brother,
The written suffix that girded,
Death remembered the troubles of strength,
The wondrous works of heavens and faithfulness,
And she distracted the round that kept the lurks,
Over again mine went forth dwelling like angels and the eyes of evils.

2. Next he had to avoid the therapy circles.

Imaginations and letter compositions
Our bolus with the machinery of the vomiting days,
Lungs adjusted and prone to counts,
And the hours of uterine had been avoided,
Only controlled by conjugated cancer,
Therapy bleeding the mild,
Humans and the taste of reservoirs,
Parasites and the headaque or the cutaneous.

Cough and the children of quinidine,
The tablets and the Malaria patients,
As half intervals had to cause the disease,
Infectious as the rash and the renal mass.

The adverse had to delay the years,
Hospitals of changes the dying had to approve,
The serious toxicity of achievement only the first curatives,
After the virus had suppressed the guidelines,
To the associated presence of zoster,
Vomiting products like literature and histidine,
Possible interrupts of disruptions loss of note had to report,
Rapid efficacy of tests,
Anorexic and possible delivery above had maximally reduce.
Sodium and its profession had to be chronic to swallowing of the humans with the lesions of fatigues.

Constructive medicine Intelligence

Feynman poly, Nigeria
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