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A Home Breaker !!

Sarita Aryal

Sarita Aryal

HIT Hard quite at heart in this evening !
have come back to tell you all one story thing !

Wedlocked after seven years of courtship
Got the destination my deepest loveship
Not the lavished one !
Could never see parents drowned in loan !
but wished for a soulful wedding in minimal
Graced in saree red, Sindur on forehead
Happily his wife wanna be till i am dead.

was wooed for such long years !
believed everything was his and mine shares !
dreamed everyday to make her conjugation rare !

Repeatedly had i made him aware
If your family doesn’t accept ! this relation forcefully ! i don’t want to wear,
Just can’t see only your and mine happiness in our relation !
i want a lovable family with love and all admiration

Promised ! everbody yours are mine ! and mines are yours !!
In this way ! did in love we soar !

To the real shock ! on the very day of wed lock
Made his parents ! And siblings compulsory present !
Not thought even to call parents mine ones
Did everything without my consent !!

In the heart felt a slight deep crack !
intentioned, i was being already sack !!

The ceremony of  Wonderful life !
She being his wife ! Yes only his wife !!
At the moment i was weak and strong !
But sensed something was going to be wrong !!

That cruel nexus of women !
brain washed him, made him their toy hand !
All set to play Iago !
Proved her in every way wrong and low !

Didn’t hear me speak, neither tears did he see !
Was million miles apart in feelings from him, me !
I was in sheer confusion !
Is he mine ? The one ?

From the gentle lad ! had turned a devil clad !
Threw his hands even his leg ! To the princess! the noble life she had !
Not a feel of guilt !
Unexposed was ! but already a culprit !!

for he had killed innocent only love seeking woman.
Dreams ! Comfort and her precious vision !

Old and helpless her parents! did not have any impact either !
Could not see them in tear! so took everything as fate of her !!

Mustering up all mine intellect and courage !
Set free! from all those traumas and rage !!

to search her self and explore !
Rise as the powerful woman to challenge lore !!

Outside, i walked alone from the hell !
To heal my self and the soul well !

A little had I moved further !!
Heard people commenting,
Look !she is a Home Breaker !!

Sarita Aryal (Butwal, Nepal )
[email protected]