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FAREWELL! Some Island of Melted Snow

Faruq Sumon

Faruq Sumon

Stepping the feet here someday
Flew the fantasy kite, watching the sky far away
But that in my breath today
All but a movie of mist covered in the pictures format.

As soon as the word farewell is pronounced
The heart burns right away
Farewell ! Some island of melted snow
From where nobody ever be able to escape
There lie only the sighs
And the gloomy mind fumbling around the memories’ canvas.

Oh ! Dear One !
How do I give a farewell ?
As I do not have any words
Except mute lamentations.

Look around !
During this time of your leaving far away
Like a grave all alone
How silent it is all around !
Surge of cries and bouts of lamentations
Surpasses the eye inside.

We are stone stunned !
Like a mute, lonely Minaret
Staying helpless and wordless
In the time of your leaving far away
Some repeatedly wounded bird
Flutters her wings deep inside our mind.

(The poem was translated from Bengali to English by Beduin Boidya)

Faruq Sumon (The famous writer of Bangladesh)
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