• २०८१ असार ३२ सोमबार

A Deprived Man

Suman Barsha

Suman Barsha

When the sacred land of civilization
Splits into pieces
With my, your and his vested interests
There is a risk for a deprived man
Even to smile.

Carrying a flame on his bosom
He faces ups and downs of life
Struggles with the tides of full moon
The poor man!

He tries to reach to the summit
Takes a great risk to smile again,
One cold smile!

When humanity is swept away,
Remains only the heap of despair
How dangerous it is even to live a life
Filling the mind with humiliation
In the uncivilized corner
He walks with covered face
He stands with hidden identity
He raises his voice voicelessly.

After killing all the difficulties
The same man
Plants the seed of determination
Faces hurricane of challenges
Fills up his heart with courage
Struggles again,
To live a meaningless life.

When the warm lap of grandfather is infected
by the vested political interests
it is even tough to die

The deprived man sticks pamphlets on his chest
To prove that he is responsible himself
To cure prolonged disease of existential crisis
He is robbed off himself
Filling hopes in his skeleton
He sets out in search
In the same civilization filled with the riches,
Again, just to find lost chastity of his grandmother
With each passing day
He still searches with hope
That justice will be found one day.

Alas, A false hope,
He waits in the street of death
He lost himself
He didn’t know where he was

Where is the era of civilization??

Suman Barsha ( Famous poet from Kathmandu, Nepal )
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