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Red Dot Amid Positive Thoughts…

Bagawath Bhandari

Bagawath Bhandari

The stigma of mensuration ought to die,
To stop the sonorous yells and cries,
Of our women to live comfortable lives,
To cradle hundreds of civilizations to strive.

Let us not mock of the stain of blood on their pants,
Instead provide our helping hands,
To make women comfortable to talk about it,
As mensuration is life giving factor, but not the filth.

Every drop of blood drips to create healthy universe,
But some cultures take it as a curse,
It is a natural cycle that women bear,
So, let us not create joke about it or jerr.

Pray, as your mother menstruated and you’re born,
And for the same stains of blood don’t blow a horn,
A horn of dislike and injustice,
But help every woman to live in peace.

Your wife bled and you became a father,
And you hold hands of your kids to walk further,
Don’t blame your wife for the stink of the blood,
Instead be a responsible man to give a support.

You’re a proud uncle of that bleeding niece,
She holds you and gives you a kiss,
Neglect her not in her mensuration,
But, support her with positive determination.

Every red dot on her pad is so profound,
The love for humanity and mankind are bound,
In a single knot of her aching body,
That makes every civilization robust and sturdy.

Sending love to every woman across the earth,
For warming us akin to the wintry hearth,
Bearing pains deep down in your heart,
And blessing us amid thousands of humanly births.

Bagawath Bhandari (famous poet of Bhutan )
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