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Bimal Kishore Shrivastwa

Bimal Kishore Shrivastwa

Delight, they say, is a sheer experience,
guaranteed to all at ease.
But I couldn’t sense its aura
as long as I remained shy at work,
and hesitated venturing in the gloom.
My boss couldn’t identify it
when he wrestled for material prosperity.

Then I attempted to seek delight
swiping on my cellular phones,
staring at the pictures and songs,
peeping at the body parts of the maidens.
But the momentary pleasures obtained from them
soon blinded my creative insight.

And now I have begun to feel
The thrill of delight-
after I started struggling in perils,
voicing for the inclusion of the excluded,
speaking for the placement of the displaced.

Yes, I am experiencing delight equally
Translating my emotions and feelings into poetry,
Like a cobbler delighted at patching up shoes.

Lecturer of English at Post Graduate Campus (TU),
Biratnagar, Nepal


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