• २०८१ बैशाख ८ शनिवार

It’s all true

Durga Dhakal

When my heart was beating fast
My mind was worried for you
My soul was working silently
And all that I said is true

When, I look up at the sky
The image of clouds resembles you
I chase to meet that image,
But it has disappeared and changed anew

I was chasing new images again
Divine power pushes me to meet you
And shows me the way forward
All that, I explained is true

Then, I saw you on the way
and tried to recognize you
But this was a one- way road
So, it was too difficult to reach you

Finally, I surrendered everything to God
And asked him for his views
God said: “Leave me for a while
I will catch you very soon”

I am waiting to meet the God
Hoping to hear good news
The heart and mind feel restful
And all that I said is true.

Durga Dhakal, London
[email protected]