• २०८० फागुन २१ सोमबार


Durga Dhakal

Durga Dhakal

Love is the inner feelings of the heart
Sometimes it is long and
Sometimes it is short.
Love is emotion and devotion
Sometimes joyful and sometimes hurtful.

Love is everywhere
up above the sky
and in the depth of the ocean.
It spreads like a cloud
and waves as it rotates.

Love always comes
from the inside
not from outside.
If it’s truly felt
nobody feels doubt.

Love is magnetic
and attracts the other.
True love is always pleasurable
nobody feels bother.

Love is here, there
and everywhere.
It helps us to connect each other
taking great care.

Birth, growth and death
come and go;
Love is eternal
never in shadows.
Love is eternal
Never in shadows.

Durga Dhakal, London
[email protected]