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Aura of Valentine…

Bagawath Bhandari

Bagawath Bhandari

Christmas bells are still jingling in my ears,
Though Santa didn’t come to us this year,
Christmas trees are still dancing in the wind,
Plastering fresh memories in our minds.

New Year is on set a few weeks ago,
Planting hopes and dreams to forgo,
All the pains and wounds of yesteryear,
As adoration can be felt in the atmosphere.

Hearts are racing and beating for coming days,
As valentine nears smiles are shining like rays,
Of the sensual moon wanting to get kissed,
Throughout the night in love she appeases.

Dating plans are floating in streets and parks,
Couples are designing their perfect art,
To surprise their dear and beloved ones,
And some to knot their eternal bonds.

Aura of love smells in this season,
And love birds elope for various reasons,
Roses are getting plucked from every garden,
Though, not romantic akin to garden of Eden.

Dresses are designed for the Valentine date,
Kisses and cuddles are seen in every gate,
Lipstick, mascara and cosmetics are bought,
Plans and consents of date are sought.

Men are busy ironing their best attire,
Some are seen changing their tyres,
To take their couple for a romantic ride,
Before wearing custome of groom and Bride.

This is the season of love and romance,
You see and feel in every glance,
The favorite of all months, is February,
To love and be loved on bike and Ferrari.

The time for purity of spirits to meet,
The time for love and romance to fleet,
This is the season for every Valentine,
To meet honey, babies and their sunshines.

The gallons of tears will be shed,
In cafe, the park and the willow’s shade,
Laughter will resonate the purple cafe,
As we hold our hands for me and thee.

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