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Dragged Her from Behind !!

Sarita Aryal

Sarita Aryal

An elegant woman in sari blue !
Came in the meeting ! She was new !

Only was she ! amid the men !
To put her opinion was not less than !!

Smitten by her personality rare !
He wanted more of her exposure !!

On the Facebook ! Send a request !
about her wanted to do more quest !

Request accepted ! Nothing was special !
He begun messaging ! expressed ! i am influenced in real !

Whenever she was seen on green dot !
He typed message and discussed lot !!

gradually ! but deeply got smitten !
In his previous state of heart could never return !!

Only interested in intellectual discourse! was she !
expressing his emotions ! bowed down on his knee !!

irritated! Out of the list she threw !
Again! send request ! made pretensions new !!

happened twice and thrice ! block! unblock !
It was the final lock !!

Having deleted the request ! For final !
She was just strolling the fb wall !!

She saw his photo tagged garlanded !
Held her breathe ! in his home, she landed !

To bid the final farewell !
Had met with an accident ! deeply wounded !
And terrible swell !!

Terrible fear at heart! went near the body !
Was trying to ask for an apology !!

When she went near ! Shockingly his hand stretched !
from behind ! Dragged her in his chest !!

Took her together in the same funeral !
It was an episode completely surreal !!

Sarita Aryal
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