• २०८१ असार ११ सोमबार

I met the Goddess

Durga Dhakal

Durga Dhakal

I met the Goddess
On my way
She was walking on the
Opposite bay !

Through my own eyes
I didn’t realize !
I waved at her from afar
And She recognize me as a friend !

I stopped in front of Her
And stared for a while
I saw the bright light in Her face
And was amazed at Her style !

She was gentle and calm
Unlike anyone I have ever seen
She was kind, polite and
Caring but never mean !

She smiled so sweetly
When I was nearby
She spoke softly
And I was so surprised !

She showed happiness for others
And that warmed my heart
I had many things to share with Her
But the time was very short !

At the end, I waved goodbye
And said hope to see you again
And She said surely, please remember me
If you feel any pain !

Durga Dhakal, London
[email protected]