• २०८१ असार ११ सोमबार


Anil Kumar Mishra

Anil Kumar Mishra

Dewdrops on the grasses
are not the ordinary one
the guide, the mentor
guiding our internal force
mental, physical
all the pleasures & pains
are mortal
will have to die one day
pried and prejudice will be lost
in the eternal course of Nature.

Beautiful drop’s recolourful
showing the green sometimes
like a mirror,
reflects the outer colour
the inner colour, the beauty
the desire willing to express
the amorousness are still locked
in the dewdrops of time,
being closely watched
for the beauty within by
colourful, mortalbal my breathes.

Anil Kumar Mishra, Ranchhi, Jharkhand, Bharat
[email protected]