• २०८० मंसिर १५ शुक्रबार

Modern Day Radha

Sarita Aryal

Sarita Aryal

Oh my beloved ! in the name of duty !!
You abandoned my seer love and beauty !

From the day i was switched into adolescence
understand love and relation !
In my heart you were the only one !!

to erase on me your influence,
To demolish my soul with your, confluence !!

i drank and drugged
forget my studies and aims, did other, even tic tok
but still i am in the prison of my feelings, locked !!

Searched love and comfort in other men !
few days diverted ! but again hit by same pain !!

Oh my beloved ! you weren’t the only need !
But my soul mate ! Whole !indeed

You were the Sun in my universe !
Revolved by many planets ! but
I needed you as my partner in my traverse !!

Searching my ruined self in books, it can give utmost solace !!
Providing ease ! heals all the ache !!

Sarita Aryal, Nepal
[email protected]