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The Good Advice of the Lioness

Kamrul Hassan

Kamrul Hassan

Do you have any doubt that I am a lion?
Deer roam all around
My lioness is very careful. She guards me all the time
She creates a deaf farm around me.

She says: keep your eyes on the cubs
Let them grow and go to the greater plateaus of life.
Do you have that age, that beauty of your manes ?
Days of love with the tigress, hunting of the deer is over
Please keep your weapons down, new lions roam in jungles
Young folks of deer are riding the wind
They have decorated themselves nicely,
Tigers are having profound discussions inside the forests

I have remained senseless many years by the power of your claws;
Still you see the dream of peak performance, are you devoid of senses ?
Look our great grandfather is lying in the constellation of stars.
Think of him, you also have to lie down on the grass
Lying from eternal time observe the playfulness of a drunken world
Your cubs are chasing the folk of panicked deer.

Kamrul Hassan, Dhaka, Bangladesh
[email protected]

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