• २०८१ जेठ ११ शुक्रबार


Ezhil Vendhan

Ezhil Vendhan

I identify hidden smiles in everything I see,
smile has no reasons, boundations it may be,
I find glee in anything I wish to, as within me,
I just allow nothing control me as I feel free.

I listen and excerpt meaning from silence,
lie in universe have some hidden smiles,
as those unheard melodies are luscious,
believing in the delicacy of honey of bees,
but unaware of the original taste of nectar,
honestinjun only with those unknown flowers.

I find reasons to smile all over the universe,
not only in my successes but also in malice.
My regrets have some reasons like smiles too,
to edify effectively something new and odd.

It just happens emotionally when you’re open,
not to be always professional and lock down,
because there is no reason required for a smile,
as all creatures akin human emotions and feel.

Enjoy the frogs’ croaking like cuckoos’ cooing,
everything attracts me as some smiles hidden.
It’s contagious than anything else sets cheers,
appearance style never matter but the souls.

Ezhil Vendhan, Famous Poet from India, Chennai, India