• २०८० मंसिर १९ मङ्गलबार

Floating Dreams…

Bagawath Bhandari

Bagawath Bhandari

Thousands of dreams are floating behind this sign board,
Let us harness cosmic energy from them on this road,
To chase their unknown dreams for an unforeseen tomorrow,
Devoid of wanning their hopes and dreams in an abrupt sorrow.

Let’s drive their trances from beauty of home to duty of school,
For our children ought to be our improvised tools,
To mould the shape of our happiness and our harmony,
As aspired by our King and our people for our country.

Every driver on wheels ought to provide way for our children,
As they walk down the street with dreams in million,
Every dream on the road must enter the school’s gate,
For our sustainability tomorrow with them toasting the bread.

Let us be responsible on our meandering and sleepy roads,
To fetch aspiration of our children amid their bubbling thoughts.

Bagawath Bhandari, Wip Administrator, Bhutan
[email protected]