• २०८० मंसिर १९ मङ्गलबार

Beauty of Life

Bhisma Upreti

Bhisma Upreti

Please take our photo, uncle.
Children, who looked like budding faces of aspirations,
spoke to me, their voice had an aura of hope and brightness.

I made them stand in a row
and took their photo.

I looked at the photo
and at them.

But in the photo
missing was the lustre
that was in their eyes;
missing was their smile
and the colour of it;
missing was the voice of their heart
and the purity and warmth.

In the photo
there were some figures
and merely a photo.

I took the photo
but couldn’t portray
the inspiring
beauty of their life.

Perhaps none can do it

Translator: Mahesh Paudyal

Bhisma Upreti, Kathmandu
[email protected]