• २०८१ श्रावाण ५ शनिवार

Love Urge

Ranjana Niraula

Ranjana Niraula

In the ongoing journey of life
fencing my way
give me a red rose and say
this is for you !

It is too far to reach the turning
I am very thirsty from walking
Show that waterfall near the way & say
it is for you !

I’m a river
I will not be able to reach the ocean without flows
On the Mountain, plains & ravines
In the fatigue &tough
To make the way easier
Give me your hand & say
it is for you !

I became a dark night in the cycle of time
Will the sun comeback again or not
Light a candle & say
This is for you!

Ranjana Niraula (Kathmandu, Nepal)
[email protected]