• २०८१ श्रावाण १० बिहीबार

The Loan of Birthday

Faruq summon

Faruq summon

I laugh out as I see; then I love again
In the ways of life, some people
Stir-up the name of life like this.

I was hidden in the ‘SANAI’s tune
I was hidden in the pond of love
Floated here in the effort of joint love
At this hour, in this Bangla.

Spent innumerable days sleeping in the cave
You kept me away treating me as a dying fly
Couldn’t fly anymore
Woke up with the moaning of the lusty pigeon.

An adult child with emotions boundless
Walks on the soil with body of clay
As every morning is not like morning
Some dawns are submerged into the shore of brightness
Paper days will be wiped off
Then the unique dawn will start off.

The Poem was translated from Bengali to English by Beduin Boidya

Faruq summon (Famous writer of Dhaka, Bangladesh)
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