• २०८० जेठ १४ आइतबार

Love and Fragmentation

Priyanka Banerjee

Priyanka Banerjee

Landslides break the crust of earth –
Unfulfilled promises break hearts.
Sensations of deepest passion
Nurture love thoughts
That fluctuating minds can hold no more –
Of fantasy and myths of togetherness pacify restless lovers who dare sell souls for love!
Nocturnal frenzy gives birth to new bondages of hearts –
Darkness creeps into vibrant souls
That aspire for cosmic charm,
Transforming essence into infinite cadence
Of love!
Daffodils struggle hard for eloping with the swallows of the distant world.
Time manifests shaded time,
That speaks through folded skin, fragrant silk and burning lips –

Experiencing eternity is the hardest trial,
That one must overcome,
Before the sea engulfs green weeds and blue bodies,
That float within,
When turmoil reigns
And the Lord of the Universe shrinks.

Shadows dance the macabre dance of fragmentation and mad collapse

Promises and touches intensify the lapse!

The veins bear with the blows of other quivering veins –

Sunshine is dearer than those lost drops of rain,
Crystallized into concrete icicles!

Can never unfold the hidden history of painful journey that love inspires.

Dissent and protests are the dire
Needs of the panting souls,
That are in quest for perennial

Love threatens; love soothes;

Melting hearts never betray Time’s
Sensuous feat.

Priyanka Banerjee, Kolkata, India
[email protected]