• २०८१ श्रावाण १ मङ्गलबार

A conversation

Sarita Aryal

Sarita Aryal

Boy :  why do you want to marry me ?
Neither I am too rich nor too intelligent,
Surely I am not a dreamy gent,

Girl : I don’t want a fairy tale hero !
But the one who has struggled hard and
Uplifted from zero,
Achieve something ,and explore the
Potential within
You will be there heart in !!

Boy: why do you want to marry me ?
Neither I am older than you
Not much experienced,
I am also in the learning phase ….!

Girl: with you I always feel like teenage,
Same freshness and same enthusiasm,
I too want to explore myself and want you
To befriend me not a guardian,

Boy : what if I Did Not succeed ?
Its because you are male
Its not the compulsion and pass through all ail,
I’m there for you together we’ll face all the Hail !

Sarita Aryal
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