• २०८१ असार ११ सोमबार

With no permission

Sarita Aryal

Sarita Aryal

With no
You entered in my heart,
Without any information,
Affected entrails, and every body part,

Being, bewildered with the state,
I inquired to find the fact,
But the effort became wastage,
Since, it had already become undetached effect,

To protect my mind,
I convince and suggested,
But , already there were memories in his kind,
In compulsion, I rested !

I saw in the heart, is there any place ?
Being uninfluenced with his entrance,
Found no trace,
Untouched by his presence !!

The every nerves and veins,
Inside it,
Were subdued in his reins,
There was nothing under my feet,

I saw in the essence,
Hoping, there is nothing,
And to get out from his influence,
But found it was itself in the string,

Then I thought to dismiss my existence,
To get out from his reach,
But it was not my heart nor mind,
The whole soul was in his rule !!

Sarita Aryal
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