• २०८१ असार २ शनिवार


Sreekala P Vijayan

Sreekala P Vijayan

Queen of Kingdom Solitude, Alisha set her journey,
A journey through the jungle searching for virtue if left any.

She tread through the strenuous paths all alone,
Nor the king or his men followed her, so the pain was alone borne.

Her feets turned rough in the passage of time,
Her heart turned stiff, and stopped the melancholic rhyme.

Groaning and grunting of wild were heard in the jungle,
She never turned around and never did she fumble.

Sun kissed rain drops fell on her face ,all of a sudden,
Breeze of alluring scent, was sensed in her nose’s abandoned garden.

She danced like a princess in the rain so cool,
Nescient of the king of Jungle’s rule.

Overjoyed for a while, forgetting her senses,
Fears were thrown out of the mind, she forgot that happiness has fences.

Moving further keeping her imaginative eyes open,
She fell into a big deep hole all of a sudden.

Looked around, unsure of what next to do,
She didn’t yell , it may invite some dangerous animals too.

Days passed by, not even a butterfly turned up,
She left her body as manure to the earth and soul flew up.

She uttered a word , which still is heard in the jungle, all the night,
Don’t stretch those hands, You may get some bones, which again will fertilize Earth as phosphate.

Queen Alisha could not find the end of her journey,
She lived for good and will always be alive in thoughts of many.

Sreekala P Vijayan, Bangalore, India
[email protected]