• २०८१ असार २ शनिवार

Excess Oceans

Feynman Poly

Feynman Poly

The smaller presence
which lived so approximately
with areas of our largest consensus,
The concise portals at the Souths
with tales of Melody to review,
Our salinity can be average but
we need salt to estimate a provision
that health had death’s.

We evaporated a supply
that had went above a circle
as strenuous rates had an increase
that called as for exercise.
Your threats of contents in our world filled
with the love of my oxygen.

If his circulations lived in ice
she then rise with a due climate.
The commonness had hold you to some levels of spirits
when she made my series like an artist of arts.

I had dissolved your expanses to describe an event
but our degrees had leeched to a freely presence of a absorbency,
We often become to live in a used presence
when uses itself is resistance in a while to the hearths,
I impact you had seek sustainability with priorities
whose falls had been busy attacking you and terrifying you.

Feynman Poly, Benin City, Edo state, Nigeria
[email protected]