• २०८१ असार १२ मङ्गलबार


Sarita Aryal

Sarita Aryal

Partly grateful ! partly disappointed !!
bravery of Rama fathomless devotion of Sita ! Presented !
Glorified Him ! several huddles even though !
To cross overseas he did not say no !
Killed the abductor ! whether necessary ? She Was only his attraction !
did not torture ! Nor did rape !
Neither disrespected, to him, Her devotion !!

As a reader sheer respect up to here !

But as a woman, always makes me restless the fire test !
What lesson he wanted to set ?
She, the Goddess could come out! excelled !
Can common woman derail ?

A male writer added story !
for justifying his act ! Created false glory !!

She wasn’t set for firetest ! was only a domie !
Who was presented before you and me!

ohidnt get by it !

If it was secret ! why done amid the crowd ?
Why did writer and we to know that event allowed ?
an insulted female heart can’t be satisfied though thousand justifications rectified !!

She wasn’t submissive to agree the fire test !
It was her an infrangible confidence to the authority shaken !
Any exam of chastity !!
Proved her unshaken loyalty
He was not taken fire test ! was he guilty ??

Being the greatest epitome !
along with the fire-testers returned home !

A washerman supposedly became bigger.
His words valued more than the Her !
For Her Majesty ! he dared making a calumniatory statement !
Overheard ! washerman’ sacquistions but didn’t announce punishment!
Saw her king being weak ! herself declared her banishment !
To help him declare his kingdom ! an Ideal !
His love ! His vows ! his fatherhood was in deal !

might have been sad but !
In the jungle the queen struggled to find a hut !
Yet did not give up ! Stayed alive for her kids !
Fulfilled ! their every needs !
Saved them from animals wild,
Braver was she ! never horrified !

Taught warfare ! nbenevolance !
Talents in kids abundance !
No schools ! no gurus ! no body required !
From the wisest mother ! wisest knowledge they acquired !
Single handedly she prepared fine would be king as well as great humans !
Such was her domains !!

unfortunately, there was meet with him again !
Father of kids ! Ayodhyasovereign !
Summoned to palace! Requested to enthrone
Did not want more insult! And made thrown !

Fathomlessly faithful to love and soulmate !
But ! He along with others gave pain ultimate !!

Yet An accomplished woman ! , left us a strong legacy !
Every dire situation should be faced with racy.

Hail Sita Aama ! 🙏🙏

Sarita Aryal Butwal, Nepal
[email protected]