• २०७९ चैत १२ आइतबार

Ideology as a way of life

Tali Cohen Shabtai

Tali Cohen Shabtai

Women like me, yes
have been added over the years to overshadow
what preceded us
that is mostly
not in line
with our agenda.

The accepted wording is
not what
will satisfy our desires-

Desires ? Ours ? Well then, I write
in the female first person plural
so as not to sound
as one who sins with pretension
as an individual woman,
I do not have many female friends for this journey
and those who have already passed
through a station or two
according to
of society

A woman like me
to stay free
from society
and at the same time
to be in it
with boycotts in double-digit ages
until the arrival
of the adolescence age
and beyond

I bear this bitter
so far.

So! Spare judging
that “Cohen Shabtai
has rules
of her own…”
as Amos Levitan*  wrote about me.

I came
with the goal of
satiating inspirations
based on
my theories

I collect poems of the margins of human kind,
they have a greater potential
to waver from
the conventions–
just like me!
With 50 cents
in my wallet
live my own actions
my inarticulate mouth
will be passed over and my eyes?
My eyes are blinded.

Women like me, particularly
at the beginning of
the fifteenth century
were persecuted and burned
for being independent and strong
at the Catholic church’s instruction

Nowadays? You can petition
the High Court of Justice.
So it is for a woman like me.

*A well-known Israeli poet and editor.

Tali Cohen Shabtai, Chicago
[email protected]