• २०८१ असार ११ सोमबार

Angel of Death

Farhan Zeeshan

Farhan Zeeshan

It was an early morning at four
When someone knocked the door

Who is there ? The person cried
I’m the destination, let me come inside

The person begin to cry and shiver
As one sweats in the high fever

I m having children and wife
Plzz don’t you take my life

Plzzz stay away ! Oh angel of death
Sir !I m not fully prepared yet

All family members, on me depends
Leave me i will do repentence

No! It’s over, you can’t go in rave
You have to enter now in the grave

Buffled ! The man begin to cry
Oh Angel !I m so afraid to die

I will become your lifetime slave
But don’t take me to dark grave

Oh Man ! You can’t take your bread
Could you plzz get out of your bed

Bewildered ! The person took his gun
Tries to make the Angel to run

Aims at Angel, i will shoot your head
Said the man, i will shoot you dead

Meanwhile, the Angel entered room
Be ready now, and prepare for doom

Oh poor man ! Angels don’t die
Stop defending, and don’t sigh

Smile, now you are at grave’s rim
As ordered ! Soul has to return Him

Farhan Zeeshan (Kashmir)
[email protected]