• २०८० फागुन २१ सोमबार

Covid- A Vivid Evil

Tushar Kabir

Tushar Kabir

Covid- A Vivid Evil
Hijacked my blue sky and
Turned my life into a deepest howl !

Covid- A Nomad Evil
Quarantined my dream
Isolated my imagination
Locked down my love!

I can only see now
The yellowish moon !
I can only listen now
The insect chorus !
I can only smell now
The fragrance of ghost and shadow !

Covid- A Rigid Evil
Fizzle out from the planet
Go away from the earth-

Let me love my darling once again-
Touching her hands
Like an avid Cupid !

Tushar Kabir (Famous poet & writer of Dhaka, Bangladesh)
[email protected]