• २०८१ श्रावाण ९ बुधबार

Me ! Yasoda !

Sarita Chandraj

Sarita Chandraj

Every moment and every night !
I used to tie him tight
in my breast and thigh !
i was told by his father, loving very considerate !
Always be near him and keep update !

Filled with riches! And every luxury !
To do anything he preferred, he was free !
i was just Sixteen ! Very young !
Wanted a beautiful life prolonged !!

One day! deluding us ! around the state
he made a roam !
found it was all different from the home
death ! ill ! morbidity and poverty
shaken was all his internalised mentality !!

It was the most, for me, day inauspicious
Tensed ! lost ! was his look so suspicious !!
tried to divert him ! With my spilling youth
tried to comfort !
the final night it had been! but loved him a lot !

that devil moment !
Put me in the deep slumber !!
insomanic that day was he! didn’t find ease
In the blanket under !
dumped me and son cruelly

Gripping my life with himself went into wander ! Roamed uncaring storms and thunder !
Here my life got in plunder !
Searched his existence !my got asunder !!

heard! for seven years he did meditate !
No outcome ! sujata’s pudding he ate !
suggested ! she to adopt the middle way !
I just heard only that here say !!

God he become ! the light of Asia
explained the cause of suffering he became messiah
here ! i remained waiting !
could not answer my son’s where dad is constant questioning !!

I too had so many curiosities !
For curiosities know no gender !
how would this society label ?
If i had left midnight ! like thee
To preach me would society be able !!

Sarita Chandraj
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