• २०८० मंसिर २० बुधबार

Mother Says

Ashraf Jewel

Ashraf Jewel

Think, the city is your relative
since you are going to visit
Act like you are innocent
Don’t take red-meat
Mother knows
her son will be in the city of capital

She warns him to stay away from those
who’s got venom-teeth.
and find a grocery store near by.
Also, not to write poems-
people will have an ill outlook of you
And pay the dues of the King on time.
She warns more than once about the
not to walk on them
jowls will then swell up.
She asks to hold the left hand strong
with the right hand
when light goes down
And when I go back to the village
to join the club
for annual sports competition
I have to win the sixteen hundred meter race
She badly needs a silver plate.
Take your words back mom
In the city life,
your son is now blended
just as good as the Poets.

Translation: Razia Sultana

Ashraf Jewel, Dhaka, Bangladesh
[email protected]