• २०८१ असार ३२ सोमबार

In Your Absence

Rup singh Bhandari

Rup singh Bhandari

In brief
You are my complete life …
The beginning and ending
And all tiny details
Everywhere you troops
Into me…

I am always terrified
Will you,
Ask to be decoupled ?
Draining my life
Leaving the unfinished stories…

Alas! I am scare,
How will I remain
Without you?
In this ghost house
Shepherding your memories,
In your absence- Listening own strange
Echo of death’ music.

Hoisting own separated spirit
From the corpus of own: How I will
Sing the life’s anthem
Every day alone…
Being exile from self!

Rup singh Bhandari , Kathmandu
[email protected]