• २०८१ असार २ शनिवार

I feel love

Dr. Chamal Sanjeewa

Dr. Chamal Sanjeewa

Do not stand in front of both eyes
Do not hold hands and walk long distances
There is no room for one to kiss
But the truth is…
I feel love in my heart…

Alone in a dark room
Make hot tea
Can’t share
Even in great love
I know there is
Feel love…

The smell of breath
Don’t want to feel
Warming up close by
Put your head on your lap
Although far away
to me
Feel the weight of that breath…

A world to win
Great big love
Embraced from close by
I don’t want to stay…

Far sky
Visible invisible distance
Floating winds
The love that brings
Heavy always…

The Himalayan event
Cold frozen
Sacrifice love
Send Radha
To my mind…

Dr. Chamal Sanjeewa (Shree Lanka)
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